We present the new website Critical Visualities: The rewriting of narratives through images (HAR2013-43016P).

This R+D Project is part of the State-Funded Programme for the Promotion of Scientific and Technical Research, within the State Sub-Program Generating Knowledge.

We are an international group of researchers working in Art History, Fine Arts and Philosophy, and for several years we have been involved in cross-institutional projects with different universities, museums and publishers.

The work group has been investigating strategies which place us within a transversal territory between practice and theory, art, aesthetics, and politics, as shown in our previous R+D project: Art Images and Rewriting Narratives in Global Visual Culture (HAR2009-10768), as well as the research journal that we set up at the time (www.re-visiones.net).

We are both rethinking the disciplinary boundaries under the Bolonia framework and the premises of cognitive capitalism, and making the critical and epistemic qualities of the image the defining factor of our research practice. With the recovery of a thinking tradition that is invested in “showing” rather than “proving” and whose specificity lies in working with and through images, we set ourselves the objective of rewriting the hegemonic narratives of modernity, including those that have been recently co-opted by the capital and its “neoliberal relativism” in the past few decades - posing a severe threat to the survival of notions such as autonomy and opposition.

This conceptual framework is divided into two lines of research:

- Critical visualities that rethink the scopic regime of a network-society and that establish new relations between image, knowledge, art and politics.

- The use of images for rewriting counter-hegemonic narratives from macropolitics (ideology, event, representation, revolution) or the field of biopolitics (habits, events, bodies and attachment).